Financial Protection

We understand how important it is for you to have peace of mind and know that the money you give us for your package holiday is properly protected.

Whatever kind of package holiday you’re taking with us, your money is 100% protected. By which we mean if we were to cease trading at any point after receiving your payment, you would be 100% guaranteed to get that money refunded to you in the event that your holiday couldn’t go ahead. Our package holidays are all covered by Trust My Travel who are authorised to hold your payment in a trust account until you have returned from your holiday.

You will be given a payment link to pay Trust My Travel directly and they will hold your payment in a trust account until the successful completion of your holiday. At this point they release the money to us to pay our suppliers. We pay a premium per booking and if we were to cease trading prior to your holiday, this ensures that Trust My Travel will refund to you all monies paid to us for your package holiday. In the unlikely event of our insolvency and if you have not been provided with the product you purchased, replacement service or a refund, please contact Trust My Travel to make a claim.


Background on various forms of financial protection:

There are a number of trade bodies out there you may have heard of, and may wonder why we haven’t joined them. Here are a few of them, their roles, and our take on them.

ABTA was originally the Association of British Travel Agents but as their role has developed into more of a membership organisation promoting standards across the travel industry, they’ve kept the acronym whilst dropping the original meaning! They do offer financial protection, but as we already have all of our package holiday bookings covered Trust My Travel, we don’t feel the need to join ABTA. We do however recognise that the Code of Conduct they require members to uphold is an excellent basis for running a holiday company. AITO The Association of Independent Tour Operators is a bit like ABTA but specifically for tour operators (companies like us who create, sell, and operate their own holidays) as opposed to travel agents (who sell the holiday arrangements of a range of tour operators, but don’t operate them). Whilst AITO don’t offer their own financial protection scheme, they do require their members to guarantee financial protection for all client monies, and they also require sign-up to another excellent code of conduct (which they call a Quality Charter). We offer complete financial protection for all client monies and always try to operate to the highest standards. In so doing we are fully compliant with the travel package regulations.

Our package holidays include accommodation together with trips to sea, land tours, car hire and airport transfers. If these elements of our package holidays are booked with us individually, this is not a package holiday and therefore is not covered by the package travel regulations. Full details about these regulations can be found here.