Whale and Dolphin Holidays in the Azores


Whale’come! For over 20 years we have specialised in responsible Dolphin and Whale holidays in the Mid-Atlantic Azores Islands. You will visit an unspoilt paradise with a wealth of marine life, generally regarded as being the “go to place” in Europe for seeing an abundance of Whales and Dolphins! Most of our holidays take place on the main island of Sao Miguel, with some being on the more remote islands.

We introduce you to the experts in Whale and Dolphin tourism. Our boat operators and guides follow responsible whale watching regulations and have a passion for protecting the whales and their natural environment. As our guest, you can have thrilling encounters and connect with nature knowing that you are with people who really care about Ocean preservation.



 “Whale” documentary just released. Steve Backshall travels the globe meeting many whale species including some underwater encounters with sperm whales in the Azores.

Blue Whale Watching Azores

Blue Whale Exclusive Small Group Tours, Ocean Giants

Sao Miguel & Pico Islands, Azores.

April & May


Pico Prices from: £1190

Sao Miguel Prices From: £1295


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Azores Island Explorer

Set itinerary holiday. Sao Miguel Island, Azores. Year Round
prices from:


This holiday combines boat trips to see whales and dolphins with tours to explore the interior of this volcanic Island. Did you know that the Azores are also bubbling with geo thermal activity, awash with lakes and adorned on all sides by mountains?
Humpback Mouth AZORES

Azores Ocean Discovery

Set itinerary holiday. Sao Miguel Island, Azores. All year round
prices from:


Take a voyage of discovery beneath the ocean, cultivating your thirst for knowledge. This holiday doesn’t just take you out to the open seas to meet our resident whales and dolphins it teaches you all about the biology of this incredible ocean and the creation of the islands.

Blue Whale Azores Under The Ocean

 Blue Whale Discovery

Set itinerary holiday. Sao Miguel Island, Azores. April, May & June
Prices From:


Join us at the optimum time to see the Blue, Humpback and Fin whales migrating past the islands.
dolphins playing in bow wave Azores

Accessible Ocean Discovery

Set itinerary holiday. Sao Miguel Island, Azores. Year round departures.
Prices From:


Experience the magnificent sightings of dolphins and whales in their natural habitat in accessible accommodation
Beaching whale next to RIB

Flexible Whale & Dolphin Watching Holidays

Flexible itinerary holiday. Sao Miguel Island, Azores. Year round.
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Blue Whale Tail Azores

Whale Tails & Walking Trails

Set itinerary holiday. Sao Miguel Island, Azores. Year round departures.
Prices From:


 Explores the inner depths of the island as well as the hidden depths of the ocean.  Follow ancient trails through dense forests, traverse along rugged coastlines and circle volcanic craters. At sea, marvel at the beauty and grace of some of the worlds’ largest and most intelligent animals.
Villa do Ananas Pico Azores

Private Whale Watching Holiday with Secluded Villa

Flexible itinerary holiday. Pico Island, Azores. Year round.
Prices From:


The perfect holiday for all ages, spending quality time with loved ones in a private secluded cliff top villa. On the rural island of Pico, life slows down. During your holiday you explore the island and enjoy thrilling sea excursions on a private vessel, accompanied by a renowned marine biologist.