Blue Whale Exclusive Small Group Tours, Ocean Giants Azores

These special small group tours are offered at the best time to see the blue, fin and humpback whales during their annual migration past the Islands in the spring


Blue Whale Watching Azores

Sao Miguel Island, Azores

April & May dates

Prices from: £1495pp

This tour takes place in the main town of Ponta Delgada with its luxury hotels and cosmopolitan restaurants and bars. The town still retains aCatamaran whale dolphin watching holidays Azores lot of the authentic colonial past with cobbled streets and classic Portuguese architecture and gardens. You will be staying close to the harbour from where we go out to sea on a spacious catamaran with toilets and great viewing platforms. This is the oldest island and has stunning Ocean Giants Small Group Tour presentations Ponta Delgadasub tropical scenery, mountains, lakes and geothermal activity.
RIB zodiac whale breaching

Pico Island, Azores

April & May dates

Prices from: £1390pp

This tour is on the more remote unspoilt island Pico (the youngest island) which is a lot less developed than Sao Miguel although there are still some great restaurants and bars. The tourism is small scale and local (no big hotels). Pico mountain (the tallest mountain in Portugal) is spectacular and the island has a timeless quality and people really fall in love with its charm and rugged beauty. The boats are RIB zodiacs (as used by the royal life saving society) with onboard toilet facilities.  They are sturdy and safe and can reach the whales swiftly with minimum impact. If you suffer from any back or joint problems you may prefer the other tour with the stable catamaran as the RIB boats tend to bump on large waves although it is a thrilling and smooth ride otherwise. This tour includes exclusive guide services with talks and audio visual presentations from Oceanographer and marine science researcher, Russell Arnott of Incredible Oceans.