A Magnificent Place for Nature Lovers and Eco-tourism!


 The abundance of dolphins and whales around the islands make the Azores one of the key locations worldwide for   whale and dolphin watching. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Incredible hikes, bikes rides and jeep safaris show off the islands immaculate landscape. For a different perspective, you can kayak, paddle board or go canoying. Not forgetting the Azores is one of the worlds top destinations for geotourism and birdwatching!



Abundance of Dolphins and Whales

The abundance of wildlife around the islands make the Azores one of the key locations worldwide for whale and dolphin watching

World Heritage Site

The islands have been designated a UNESCO world heritage site and are truly a unique and outstanding destination for your holiday

World’s Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination

The Azores islands are pristine and unspoilt with many local initiatives following high standards of responsible tourism practices

Holidays All Year Round

The Azores has an equable climate all year round, winter temperatures don’t tend to drop below 16°C (60°F)

Azores Archipelago, Portugal

The Azores archipelago is situated in the Atlantic ocean 1000 miles west of Portugal

Holidays for Everyone

Our holidays are an adventure. People come alone, in couples, groups of friends and families with children

Furnas hot springs Azores

Furnas day tour

Geysers, hot springs and stunning botanical gardens
Prices From:

£80 per adult and £45 per child

Kayaking On The Lakes

Sete Cidades, activity day

Hike, bike, kayak and more
Prices From:

£40 per adult and £20 per child

Sete Cidades, or the “Blue Green Lakes” offer a range of fun filled activities for all the family. You can opt for full or half day tours. Guided hiking tours and mountain bike tours take you along the rim of the crater of Sete Cidades with stunning views across the sea, the lakes and the villages below. If you prefer you can take the jeep tours or stay on the lake and kayak, or try your hand at paddle boarding. Children under 5 go free but the bike tours and water activities have a minimum age of 8.
Lagoa Do Fogo Azores

Lagoa do Fogo & Caldeira Velha

Fire lake, rainforest, hot thermal pools and more
Prices From:

£45 per adult and £25 per child

This half day jeep tour takes you deep into the islands’ interior. You will ascend to the islands highest point, the rim of a huge volcanic crater, looking down into the “Fire Lake”and take in breathtaking views of the north and south coastlines of the island. A gentle walk through tropical rain forest is rewarded with an (optional) swim in the hidden hot springs, set, like a film, under the canopy of a volcanic outcrop! You’ll even have the chance to sample some speciality liqueur during your visit to a small locally owned factory. 
Islet Of Vila Franca Azores

Islet of Vila Franca do Campo Marine Reserve

Snorkel in a salt water lagoon and spot whales and dolphins at sea

Prices From:

£90 per adult and £55 per child

This full day tour takes you along the coast on a thrilling ride on a RIB zodiac boat, spot dolphins, whales, sea turtles and sea birds before lunch at Vila Franco do Campo. After lunch board a traditional fishing boat (kindly converted for our guests for a little extra comfort) to head out to the volcanic crater. Snorkel in the calm waters of Vila Franca do Campo islet marine reserve, a haven for colourful tropical fish and coral. 
Please note that this tour only runs in the summer months from the 1st of July to the 15th September.
Cycling By Sete Cidades Lakes Azores

Biking Tours

Take your time and see the island at your own pace
Prices From:

£40 per adult and £20 per child

You can hire bikes from Sete Cidades and head off on your own, guides will be happy to point the way and maps are available. 
Please note there is a minimum age of 8 years for the biking activities
Sete Ciadades Hydrangeas Azores Holiday

4×4 Jeep Safaris

 Sit back and take in the island of Sao Miguel
Prices From:

£45 per adult and £25 per child

There are a number of different jeep tours you can take, the open road leads to all the main attractions and you can cover a lot more land in the jeeps than on foot. The tours take in stunning views and you can get out to stretch your legs, enjoy short walks and swim in hot pools There are also wonderful photography opportunities.
Gruta Torres Caves Azores

Geotourism & Volcano full day tour

Volcanoes, mountains, valleys and lakes
Prices From:

£85 per adult and £45 per child

The volcanic origins of the Azores Archipelago have created an exceptional landscape. This tour delves into the depths of the island as you venture into its caves. Take in the mountains, valleys, waterfalls, lakes and diverse vegetation created by ancient eruptions and visit sites of more recent volcanic activity.
Canyoning In The Azores


Slide, swim and jump
Prices From:

£75 per adult/child

If your adrenalin levels aren’t raised high enough seeing breaching whales and dancing pods of dolphins at sea then perhaps a spot of canyoning will help. Fully equipped and with guidance from the trained experts, you abseil, slide, swim and jump your way through the islands forest streams and pools.
Please note there is a minimum age of 8 years and all participants need to be able to swim.
hiking azores

Hiking Tours

Sao Miguel Island is home to some of the most stunning hiking trails in the Azores.
Prices From: 

£40 adult and £20 child

Classified by the regional government, Sao Miguel has a network of historic walking trails that take in the islands natural beauty. Choose either half or full day walking tours with hotel pick up included.
Azores Buzzard

Birdwatching Full Day Tour

Sao Miguel Island is a wonderland for any Ornithologist
Prices From:

£85 per adult and £42.50 per child

The Azores are world renowned for birdwatching. The islands take their name from the “Azor” buzzard seen in the photo above. The rare Azores Bullfinch is endemic to Sao Miguel island and one of the worlds largest colonies of Cory’s Shearwater call the islands home. This full day tour takes you to a number of birdwatching sites so have your binoculars and cameras at the ready!
TukTuk city tour Ponta Delgada

TukTuk City Tour

Explore Ponta Delgada and the surrounding area in an electric powered TukTuk (1 – 6 guests)

Prices From: £33 (adult) £15 (child)

Azores Buzzard

“Be a Marine Biologist for the Day”

Full day day at sea learning about whales and dolphins and research techniques of marine biologist guides

Prices From: £124 (adult) £62 (child)