Walking trails

Furnas, Sao Miguel Island, Azores

Staying in Furnas you will have the opportunity to explore this stunning region of the Azores in more detail by foot. A stroll through the village will take you past small restaurants serving food cooked geothermally underground and family run shops including one where you can buy cheese made with volcanic water. You will also find baths where you can swim in geothermally heated pools together with many steaming fumeroles and geysers in the village including one which the locals call their foot spa!  The botanical gardens and geothermal pools of the Terra Nostra park are simply stunning and we highly recommend a visit to our guests. You can also learn about the mineral waters of Furnas and sample the different waters around the village.  Venturing outside Furnas you will find Lagoa das Furnas and adjacent Grena Wildlife Park which again we highly recommend to our guests.