"There were so many memorable moments: seeing five sperm whales "socialising" together and swimming in a perfect line, almost managing to synchronise their "blows", catching a great picture of the tail fin of the massive blue whale, seeing the huge side fins of the humpback just under the water giving them an eerie blue colour, or probably the best of all seeing first a pod of ten orca cavorting in front of us, the male one with a massive fin of more than two metres in height, and then about an hour later seeing either the same animals again or a different pod, this time as two smaller groups. This is not to mention all the amazing pods of dolphins we saw, common, bottlenose, risso and striped plus false orca which we did not even know existed until the scientist on board identified them. We could honestly say we were "reborn" but this has certainly been the holiday of a lifetime. We were very lucky with the sightings we had; literally being more or less in the middle of the Atlantic, which is vast, and being able to "find" these creatures is amazing in itself; the scientist on board was very knowledgeable, friendly and keen to share her knowledge. The animals' well being was always the most important factor and so we did not stay long at each siting to allow the whales the freedom to continue with their journey. Overall the holiday was brilliantly managed." Tim Hall