Fletcher Family

The whole holiday was fantastic but “being a marine biologist for the day” has to go down as the highlight…Seeing the whales and dolphins up close is one thing but gaining an insight into what the
marine biologists are doing on a daily basis and being able to learn from them gives the experience an extra dimension. It was absolutely fascinating and well worth the extra money! – Fletcher Family June 2021

Rosalind Roberts

“Many thanks to you and the team. We had a really lovely holiday. Loved our two days out at sea, in particular the ‘Be a Marine Biologist Day’. We saw sperm whale, sei whale, risso’s dolphins and had an amazing encounter with a large group of bottlenose dolphins. Kids also fascinated by flying fish and Portuguese man o war. Really knowledgeable and engaging guides, they really caught the kid’s attention who were very excited to learn how to use a hydrophone and listen to the animals underwater – Roberts Family June 2019