Ali Pemble

“What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday? – Crystal clear blue seas and blue skies – Seeing so many whales and dolphins in their natural habitat and on their own terms, with human beings having to play second fiddle for a change – The passion, knowledge and genuine love of their work shown by all the guides – The group bonding that derives from a common shared experience  Ali Pemble

Diane and Peter Malloy

“This was an outstanding holiday! Seeing the blow of our first ever sighting of a sperm whale! Then jumping into our seats and speeding across the Atlantic Ocean until we got within a short distance away  from her in time to see the whale diving and throwing up the iconic whale tail.   And all captured by my camera… I was literally blown away and couldn’t wait for the next sighting. We are returning as soon as we can!” Diane and Peter Malloy

Lisa, Andy and Jenny Newman

“I could just write four words to describe our holiday: “ Out of this world ”. All three of us had an absolutely fantastic time, had loads of dolphin encounters with three of the four species, saw sperm whales breaching, pilot whales breathing on surface, Bryde whales being elusive  ….. truly magical, and better than we had dared to hope for. The commitment of the company to the welfare of the cetaceans was really humbling – and their commitment to ensuring that everyone of us had the most amazing time possible.  Lisa, Andy and Jenny Newman